LPG Fuel

Reducing of carbon dioxide emissions:
After installing the gas system to our car, we automatically reduce the adverse impact of the car on the environment by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the engine with the exhaust fumes. Compared to most vehicles with combustion engines, vehicles fitted with LPG produce an average of 20% less CO2.

Other environmental benefits:
Although vehicles using autogas have similar CO2 emissions to the diesel vehicles, they also possess advantages such as being less noisy than diesel engines, and the favorable properties of the LPG gas, which evaporates quickly, and if there's a leak, the environment is significantly less polluted by particulate matter and nitrogen oxides.

Prices at the pump:
The government has shown considerable support for LPG in the form of low excise duties compared to gasoline and diesel, so LPG is much cheaper than petrol and diesel. It is estimated that the driver riding often long distances can save up to 40% fuel cost of LPG compared to petrol and 30% compared to diesel.