Bike chain

Every time, when the weather in the winter will be warmer for a few days, car washes are filled with people who remove salt and dirt from their cars. Cleaning the bicycle may be easier, but it does not mean that less important.

Winter slush and mud can embed a surprising amount of dirt and salt on the chain and gears. This precipitate can cause rust and chain grinding, leading to work harder, more noise and even fall of the chain. It is good to regularly clean, degrease and lubricate the drive of your bike. You can use a brush and warm soapy water to thoroughly clean the gaps of the chain and sprocket (you can use a special surface cleaner spray), then wipe clean thoroughly and apply a suitable lubricant to the chain by switching through all the gears.

Road grit is particularly harmful to the rims and brake pads. Probably the wheels of your bicycle are made of aluminum and do not corrode, you should also take care of them and clean them quite often (not using anything at this greasy!). Road grit that settles on the brake pads acts like rubbing of sandpaper, which weakens and damages the braking performance and wheels.

Bicycle maintenance

Just as car owners spend their time and money to prepare the car for the winter (mount winter tires, pour resistant to freeze engine coolant and windshield washer fluid, check the wipers and battery, put a layer of protective wax on the paint, and provide their automobile with a scraper for ice and a spray for de-icing locks). Cyclists should also prepare their bikes for the winter season.

Its worth spending some free time to visit your local bike shop to 'pimp' your bike before winter. Store employees will help you check if your bike is in the same good condition as you and ready for winter. For example, if the dry summer season your bike does not have mudguards so the autumn-winter season is suitable for it to install them.

You should also make sure that the bicycle is equipped with reflective lights and a headlight. Winter days are short and it can rain very hard. On such days, drivers can have a partially fogged windows and may not notice you without proper lighting. Park your bike at night with the lights on (Do not forget to clip it) and walk away a distance of, say one intersection. If you have any problems with noticing of your bike, you need to mount more reflectors and more powerful reflector.