Buying up Phones

If you have an old mobile phone that is no longer used by you, we can take care of it. In exchange for recycling a mobile phone, you will get money from us. Sooner you sell - more you earn. Find out today how much you can get for your old phone.

We all have old mobile phones lying everywhere in our homes. For example, when switching from prepaid card to the agreement and subscription, or exchanged for the latest model from your service provider. You can recycle your old phone, you will receive cash in return.

Purchase of old mobile phones is satisfactory both for our planet and your pocket. That is why the collection centers are seeking is to encourage you to get rid of old mobile phones in a fast and simple way. The recycling process contributes to reuse more than 95% of purchased mobile phones and disposes faulty mobile phones in the most environmentally friendly way. All you have to do is to dug up old phones and already start planning how to spend the extra money you receive from us.