Window replacement

Deciding when to replace the windows in your home or apartment is not always as easy as it may seem. If the house is older than 20 years, it's probably a good time to check and make sure that the installed windows operate properly and fulfill all the tasks. For example, if you have trouble opening or closing the window? Do you ever find moisture on the internal parts of the windows? Likewise, washing machines and refrigerators, over time, windows and doors must be replaced. To be able to determine if it's already time to replace windows, we have prepared for you a few key questions to consider:

Do you think that your home is loud and you can hear the noise from the street, even when you close the window?

Are the windows leaking or let in too much air in the winter or summer?

Do you like the look of the windows in your house?

Are your windows easy to use?

Are your windows open quite easily and close properly?

Are your windows difficult to wash and clean?

Are the windows disintegrate or rot?

Whether they are suited to the style of your house or apartment?

Are you tired of painting the window frames, or watching paint spatters?

PVC windows

1. PVC windows have a high energy efficiency
Window frames play a significant role in thermal insulation, and replacing windows for windows made of PVC, reduces heat loss better than those made of aluminum and wood.

2. PVC windows have a very good cost-benefit ratio
Frames made of wood or aluminum are about 30% more expensive than PVC profiles, which are characterized by high energy efficiency and minimal maintenance costs throughout the life.

3. PVC windows are easy to maintain
High-quality PVC windows are very easy to clean and resistant to weather conditions; all you need to clean the window frames is washing up liquid.

4. PVC windows are very durable
Unlike wooden windows, windows made of PVC have a very long service life. They are characterized by resistance to deformation and functionality for at least 50 years.